Can wearing thong underwear pose a health risk? Doctors say it depends on the material and length of time they’re worn

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Tuesday, October 31, 2023 2:44PM

Are thong underwear a health risk? Doctors say it depends

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — It may seem like an embarrassing question, but it’s one some women are asking. Is wearing a thong a health risk? Doctors say it all depends on the material of the underwear and how long you wear them.

All this week, ABC13 Anchor Samica Knight is breaking down beauty trends, and whether or not they’re safe.

Whether you’re trying to hide a panty line or it’s just more comfortable for you, Dr. Michelle Udayamurthy with Kelsey Seybold Clinic advises that there’s nothing wrong with wearing thong underwear.

However, she said the material makes a difference.

“You want to use something that’s like cotton,” Dr. Udayamurthy said. “Cotton or something that’s breathable.”

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Dr. Udayamurthy says the material of the thong is very important, but so is the length of time you wear one. She says wearing the wrong thong for too long can cause infections.

“You run the risk of bacteria kind of accumulating and growing, and that could lead to things like some vaginal infections, maybe even UTI’s (urinary tract infection),” Dr. Udayamurthy said.

She had a few more tips, including making sure the thong is not too tight and making sure it’s clean.

“If you see them get soiled or something like that, definitely wash and change, too,” Dr. Udayamurthy said. “That goes with any underwear in general.”

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