Owen Hart’s WWE Hall of Fame Induction Hopes Grow With Vince McMahon’s Departure

Owen Hart was widely acknowledged as one of the most talented wrestlers ever to grace a WWE ring. However, his promising career met a tragic end when he suffered a fatal accident during the Over The Edge pay-per-view event in 1999, plunging to his death. Despite doubts surrounding his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame, Jim Ross now believes there’s a greater possibility of Hart being honored following Vince McMahon’s departure.

Owen Hart himself had reservations about the perilous Blue Blazer stunt that ultimately claimed his life. His untimely passing sparked enduring controversy. For those unaware, Martha Hart, Owen’s wife, filed wrongful death lawsuit against WWE, to which Vince McMahon responded with a lawsuit of his own.

During discussion on Grilling JR, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross was questioned about the likelihood of WWE convincing Martha Hart to permit Owen’s induction into the Hall of Fame. Ross expressed his belief that with McMahon no longer in charge, the chances of Hart being honored have significantly improved.

“I bet she could [change her stance]. Will she, is another question. Maybe the bigger question is, ‘Will she?’ I don’t know, I hadn’t thought of that. It’s a good question. It’s why these Q&As are so entertaining sometimes, you get questions that you don’t expect. So I don’t know. Good question, though. Good question. Time will tell. I can see it being able to be worked out a lot easier now that [Vince] McMahon is out of the picture. That was her roadblock, so we’ll see.”

“Put it this way, it wouldn’t surprise me whatsoever. But I don’t have any information to change my philosophy of that. I thank with him gone, it increases the chances of Owen going in the Hall of Fame. God knows he’s deserving. That’s never been an issue. But if Martha likes it, and feels good about then comfort zone then why not? I think it’s great. She’s such a pleasure to work with. She’s not angry at pro wrestling anymore, doesn’t seem to me like. I mean, she’s heartbroken with how things happened to Owen like they did and as we all are, and have been. But I don’t know. It’s interesting, Connie, it’s a good question. Interesting, but I’d say that the odds of Owen being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame have increased immensely since Vince McMahon resigned his post.”

Even Jake Roberts believes Vince McMahon should have halted the show following Owen Hart’s tragic demise. Nevertheless, only time will reveal whether Owen Hart will eventually be enshrined in the WWE Hall of Fame.

What are your thoughts? Do you believe Owen Hart will receive a WWE Hall of Fame induction one day? Share your opinions in the comments section below!


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