WWE, AEW Bombshell Myth? Shane McMahon rumors being debunked by Tony Khan, others

Could you imagine it? The “it” being a move that would hit the world of professional wrestling with the impact of an extinction level event equivalent to the meteor strike that turned the dinosaurs into a $3.76 gallon of 93 octane?? If rumors of Shane McMahon considering a move to AEW are true … well … kaboom.

The internet detonated this week when a report surfaced that McMahon, an heir to the WWE empire by way of his now-ousted father, Vince, wasn’t against walking through the door of Khan’s promotion.

But, according to Khan himself, it’s a big, fat nothingburger. 

“I’ve never met him or talked to him in my life,” said the AEW owner, via the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Of course, Khan could simply be holding the cards close to his vest.

But, considering just how rabid he’s been about sticking it to the WWE whenever he possibly can, even when it grenades in his face (e.g., the infamous CM Punk video release), it’s difficult to believe Khan would suddenly take such a gargantuan opportunity to benefit his promotion — even if only by providing an ambiguous answer that spurs the speculation forward.

Instead, he’s shooting it down entirely, refusing to let it fly another inch.

It’s a story that bears monitoring going forward, particularly with the re-emergence of Stephanie McMahon in the WWE’s public eye alongside her husband and chief content officer and head of creative, Paul “Triple H” Levesque. 

Would Shane O’Mac ever consider what many would view as a treasonous act?

In the world of pro wrestling, never say never.

All one can ever truly say is “not right now”.



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