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Adam Copeland isn’t interested in talk of legacy.

After making his in-ring debut back in 1992, Adam Copeland has gone on to enjoy a glittering career that landed him in the WWE Hall of Fame.

Copeland initially found success as a tag team star, cheating death in Ladder and TLC Matches before winning the World Championship 11 times. Despite nearing the end of his career, Copeland is enjoying an Indian summer in AEW, impressing against a wide range of opponents.

Despite this, the star says he has no interest in discussing his wrestling legacy.

While appearing on Close Up w/ Renee Paquette, Copeland broke down why he doesn’t buy into the idea of legacy, and why some things are bigger than wrestling.

“You know, it’s interesting. Some people will say, ‘What do you want your legacy to be?’ I’ve always said, ‘I don’t really buy into the whole ‘legacy’ thing,’ you know, because we’re jumping around in tights. The people who make the videos and put the packages together and the bookers are who decide your legacy, so I don’t really buy into it.

My legacy is, ‘Am I raising good kids?’ So for me more than anything, it’s just, ‘Did I work hard?’ That’s it. I think my surgeries let me know that I have. More than anything, ‘Did I help?’ and ‘Did I work hard?’”

Adam Copeland Teases Match With Ace Of AEW

During the same interview, Adam Copeland hinted at a huge showdown with Jon Moxley.

The veteran said he wants to shorten his name to “Cope” as “The Rated R Superstar Adam Copeland is very wordy.” Copeland said he’s thinking about it in terms of a marquee, imagining “Cope vs. Mox.”

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