Alex Jones Unveils Self-Celebratory Video Game

Alex Jones Unveils Self-Celebratory Video GameAlex Jones Unveils Self-Celebratory Video Game

Alex Jones, known for conspiracy theories and supplement sales, has unveiled a controversial video game. The upcoming release is titled Alex Jones: NWO Wars.

It offers a nostalgic tribute blended with provocative visuals, leading players through scenarios featuring satirical portrayals of liberals. The trailer, released on November 23, offers a glimpse into this controversial gaming experience.

Additionally, the trailer likens the $20 browser game to classic retro games like Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, and Super Mario Bros. However, it utilizes footage from a bootleg Mario game called Mario 16  rather than the intended classic Mario Bros. arcade game.

This side-scrolling shooter is filled with subtle references to notable incidents involving Alex Jones. In the game, foes and powerful bosses are portrayed symbolically, such as a menacing Mark Zuckerberg wielding a thought police hammer, an evil dragon representing George Soros, and a reanimated Hillary Clinton depicted as a witch overseeing the West Wing of the White House.

In addition to its controversial elements, the game delves into the contentious territory of the often criticized globalist conspiracy theory, a viewpoint actively endorsed by Jones on his InfoWars radio show. Allegedly, the gameplay features Jones accusing former President Bill Clinton of serious misconduct during a confrontational encounter on Epstein Island. The game’s website further emphasizes the theme, stating,

Every day the deep state sues, lies, defames, and KILLS law-abiding patriots who threaten their power!

Accompanying this statement is a screenshot depicting Alex Jones engaged in combat against a skeletal adversary. Notably, former President Donald Trump appears alongside him, serving as a sort of sidekick and adding a new layer to the gaming narrative.

The video game seems to be a conscious effort to leverage Alex Jones’ established following of the past decade, cleverly incorporating references like the infamous  turning the frogs gay meme. This has left individuals across the political spectrum uncertain about how to react, perceiving it as a satire-laden jest. Notably, some have even created YouTube videos on the subject, including Tobuscus, a musical comedian boasting 6.24 million subscribers.


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