Charlotte Flair Reveals Advice She Gave to Shotzi Amid ACL Injury

Charlotte Flair has revealed the advice she shared with Shotzi, who suffered a torn ACL recently.

Shotzi was challenging Lyra Valkyria for the NXT Women’s Championship back in February. Things went awry when Shotzi went for a DDT on Lyra onto the ring apron. When Shotzi landed on the outside, she suffered the injury that has now put her on the shelf.

Charlotte also suffered a torn ACL at the end of 2023, and she had some words of wisdom for the fellow SmackDown superstar.

During a media scrum at WWE World, I asked Charlotte if she had any words of encouragement for Shotzi on her road to recovery. “The Queen” actually did have some advice for her colleague.

“I definitely have,” Charlotte revealed. “I’ve also seen her in the WWE Performance Center. I just told her to kind of use this time to enjoy life. We are on the road 200 days a year sometimes, and not that having an injury is a good thing, but write down your goals, write down your passions. Come back with, ‘What did I not do when I was in the ring that I really wanted to do? What do I wanna come back and accomplish?’ Think about that every second, every minute, every day. I know when I first started all I could think about was, ‘What’s it gonna be like to main event WrestleMania? And nothing’s gonna stop me.’ So, she needs to find a goal that terrifies her and think about that. Even if it’s like, travel somewhere you’ve never been.”

Charlotte said that times like these call for a positive mindset. The multple-time world champion believes Shotzi has an opportunity to use this setback as fuel to elevate her game.

“Life is too short, and I think as well, we take for granted what we do. With my knee I’m just like, ‘How am I not here?’ I mean, I am with you guys, WrestleMania 40. But like, there’s so many things I should’ve done in the fall. Don’t look at it as a negative, look at it as a positive to come back bigger, better, stronger, faster.”

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