Clarification on WWE Doing Away With Post-Premium Live Event Press Conferences

WWE operates a multifaceted operation, with various components working in tandem to ensure smooth functioning, including their post-show press conferences. Recent reports suggesting the discontinuation of these press conferences have now been clarified as inaccurate.

Since 2022, WWE has maintained a consistent presence of post-Premium Live Event press conferences, showcasing memorable moments such as the 2022 Survivor Series press conference. However, scrutiny has arisen regarding Triple H’s handling of questions during these sessions.

Wrestle Votes initially reported that WWE would be altering its approach for post-event press conferences following the Clash at the Castle Premium Live Event on June 15th. Instead of the traditional press conference format, WWE would transition to a ‘post show.’

The tweet read, “Interesting tidbit: Source states WWE is altering its plans for a ‘press conference’ after this Saturday’s Clash at the Castle PLE. It will now just be a ‘post show,’ with the possibility of media questions still undetermined.”

However, Ringside News reached out to WWE sources regarding this report and received confirmation that the information is inaccurate. Therefore, fans can expect to continue seeing press conferences in the future.

As fans eagerly anticipate the upcoming press conference following the Clash at The Castle Premium Live Event, there’s a heightened expectation for Triple H to be prepared to address any questions that may arise.

Are you relieved to know that the press conferences will remain after all? Let us know in the comments section below!


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