Cody Rhodes’ new goal after winning WWE title and finishing his story

Ever since he returned to WWE in 2022, Cody Rhodes has been talking about “finishing the story” by claiming the biggest pro wrestling title that eluded his Hall of Fame father Dusty. So now that he did that by winning the WWE title at WreslteMania XL, what’s next on the champ’s legendary “to do” list?

He told Cheap Heat’s Peter Rosenberg & Stat Guy Greg that his next goal is more for the company than for himself & his family:

“A long-term goal for me is, I would like to be the most profitable talent that WWE has ever had. And I know who hangs in that group. You know, your Austin 3:16’s, your Hustle, Loyalty, Respect, your John Cena’s. I know what I have been doing. And I know the length that I have to keep doing this for this goal to become a reality.

“So that one, it’s a little inside baseball, and it’s not all that glamorous. But I really, even today, feel a sense of — I would like to give WWE everything I possibly have. Everything I possibly have. Because I feel like so much has been given to me coming out of WrestleMania 40. Yeah, sure, we worked for it. And sure, we earned it. And I do think I’m the right person for the job. But I’d like to make sure I, when it’s time, leave them in the best possible place they’ve ever been.”

Definitely not something The American Dream would have said in a promo, but this was a shoot interview. Plus, it’s a “New Era” in a more ways that one, and the concept of being a draw has been part of kayfabe for a while now anyway.

For folks concerned that Cody’s corporate ties might make it harder for him to remain a widely loved babyface? This answer might be evidence for their case. But Cena was famously “polarizing” and he’s one of the guys Rhodes will need to pass to attain “most profitable” status, so maybe that’s not such a bad thing… at least in terms of The American Nightmare’s new goal.


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