For the holidays, this DIY favorite costs $60

One can see color as much like that. That’s why we need a set of frames and why it almost never looks really cool when you paint someone in any room with them. The DIYer who lives around the world knows about this, so they would appreciate the Nix Mini 2 Color-Matching Sensor as a gift. This innovative, compact device is a dream of everyone and allows them to select the most popular color for what they believe in all around. Now till December 17, it has $40 on the holidays.

This remarkable device works on practically any surface: scanning the color and matching it to more than 100,000 trademark-name paint colors or to sRGB, HXZB, RKK etc. You can store your favorite colors in the Nix Paints app and get organized so you can do everything possible.

In Mashable’s case, The Nix Mini Color Sensor might be a very useful tool for feeding the perfectionism.

Help the perfectionist in your life. Now through December 17, you can get the Nix Mini 2 color-matching sensor at just 59.97, for 39% off $99. Order by December 14 for arrival at Christmas.

Nix Mini 2 color-memopping sensor $59.97.

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