Goldberg’s Stance on His Son’s Wrestling Aspirations Unveiled

Bill Goldberg emerged as one of the most beloved wrestlers of his era, despite not initially harboring a deep passion for the industry. His meteoric rise in the late 90s captivated audiences and propelled him to stardom, opening doors to movie roles and other ventures. With that said, he isn’t interested in his son becoming a pro wrestler.

Later in his career, Goldberg made a significant return to the squared circle, driven in large part by a deeply personal motive: his desire for his son, Gage, to witness him actively competing in WWE and the world of wrestling. This heartfelt reason underscored Goldberg’s dedication to his family and his commitment to leaving a lasting legacy in the sport he once dominated.

On the Nothing Left Unsaid podcast, Goldberg opened up about his son’s lack of interest in following in his footsteps as a professional wrestler. He revealed that Gage has no inclination toward pursuing a wrestling career, and personally, Goldberg isn’t keen on seeing his son enter the industry either.

Goldberg expressed his hope that wrestling isn’t in Gage’s future. If it were, Goldberg would feel compelled to serve as his son’s agent, a role that might not sit well with everyone. Despite his own successful wrestling career, Goldberg acknowledges the challenges his son faces in carving out his own path while being constantly associated with his father’s legacy.

“I sure hope not. If there is wrestling in his future, I have to be his agent. Nobody is going to like that. The fact is, yes, it is nice to have that as a feather in your cap, something you can fall back on. It’s not as if his dad was a no-name goofy wrestler who didn’t make an impact.

My son wants to be the antithesis of me. Growing up as my son presents a lot of challenges. The one thing he has been true to since he’s been old enough to realize it is that he’s his own man. He’s earned his stripes on his own. He doesn’t want to follow in my footsteps. He wants to destroy them and make his own. That hurts sometimes, but I’m appreciative of it.”

Goldberg recently made headlines for his comments against Asuka and Triple H, which fans didn’t take too kindly to. Nonetheless, it is unlikely fans will get to see Goldberg’s son wrestler anytime soon and perhaps that’s for the best.

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