Identity of WWE NXT’s Lead Producer After Kevin Dunn Exit Revealed

There’s been a notable shift in NXT’s production since Kevin Dunn’s departure, with the identity of the new lead producer coming to light.

According to Corey Brennan of Fightful Select, Brian Fadem, formerly the Vice President of Line Producing, stepped into the lead producer role after Dunn’s exit. Fadem had previously filled in for Dunn during his absences and reportedly transitioned smoothly into the position.

Production sources also tell Fightful that Fadem ‘hit the ground running’ in his new role, with one source noting that “it was like he picked up someone else’s tools, cleaned them off and used them like they were new again.”

From the perspective of NXT talent, Fadem is seen as more receptive to suggestions regarding camera shots and other production aspects, a departure from Dunn’s more rigid approach, which was perceived as stifling creativity.

However, it’s not just Fadem who’s taking on the lead producer role. During the April 30th episode, Fadem wasn’t in charge, as another individual was being trained for the position.

“While Fadem is established, there are other names within NXT who are learning the lead producer role. During the April 30th edition of NXT, Fadem did not lead produce the show, as another name was learning how to play the role of lead producer in NXT.”

While WWE has also drawn inspiration from the UFC for a more sports-centric presentation, the future of NXT under Fadem’s leadership remains to be seen.

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