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The Washington Examiner’s Sarah Bedford predicted that Democratic House members can’t be convinced President Joe Biden committed any wrongdoing.

Bedford appeared on Fox News’s America Reports on Thursday to react to the allegations that Biden knew in advance his son Hunter would defy congressional subpoenas. Republican House members are investigating whether the president intentionally obstructed congressional proceedings, which could be an impeachable offense. Bedford suggested that not even this instance could convince Biden’s supporters in the chamber to turn against him.


“I think there’s absolutely nothing at this point that would convince Democrats that a smoking gun exists because think of how far the goal posts have moved when it comes to the definition of a smoking gun,” Bedford said. “First, evidence that Joe Biden was even aware of what his son was doing was a smoking gun in that it contradicted his denials. And then, evidence that Joe Biden was in contact with his son’s business partners was a smoking gun because Joe Biden denied any involvement. And then evidence that Joe Biden was profiting, benefiting financially, from his brother and his son’s businesses, that wasn’t a smoking gun.”

The House recessed on Dec. 14, using its last day to vote along party lines to open an impeachment inquiry into Biden. It won’t be until Jan. 9 that the chamber resumes its session.

“Now, short of a business card that says Joe Biden, CEO of Hunter Biden Private Business Inc., I’m not sure what would convince Democrats that a smoking gun exists here,” Bedford said. “But the goal posts have been moved pretty far on what’s evidence that Joe Biden lied to the American people about this.”

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Bedford acknowledged that centrist Republican members might not agree that the president meddling in congressional procedures constitutes an impeachable offense. However, she also pointed to the several prosecutions against Steve Bannon and Peter Navarro for contempt of Congress referrals as former Trump administration officials. So, any preferential treatment from the Justice Department when it comes to Hunter Biden appears to be “a double standard,” according to Bedford.

Hunter Biden is facing nine criminal charges in California, including tax fraud. His first court date is slated for Jan. 11.

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