The Impact of Google’s Keyword Idea Theft on Website Owners


In recent years, there have been growing concerns among website owners about Google’s practices of stealing keyword ideas and using them to create sites that mimic and outrank the original creators. This unethical behavior has led many to question Google’s integrity and has even pushed some users towards alternative search engines like Bing.

The Problem with Google’s Keyword Idea Theft

Google, once regarded as a pioneer in the search engine industry, is now facing criticism for its questionable tactics. Website owners who invest time and effort into creating unique and valuable content are left feeling frustrated and betrayed when Google takes their keyword ideas and uses them for their own gain.

Here below is an example of google’s tactics, with just a search for a fairly new growing site called the world of date at whenever the exacts words of world of date are typed into google we could never find any results anywhere no matter how we phrased the words world of date. We tried something new which was to click on a site that closely represented ours in the first page which was called and then got this error message which then brought us to the regular site that it was supposed to be for. There is no evidence or telling of how long these practices have been going on for so be warned for anyone with a good idea for a website or brand they would like to implement online.

By stealing keyword ideas, Google is essentially taking advantage of the very system it created. This not only undermines the hard work of website owners but also creates an unfair playing field where Google’s own sites are given preferential treatment in search results.

The Rise of Bing

As a result of Google’s unethical practices, many users are turning to alternative search engines like Bing. Bing has gained popularity due to its commitment to fair and transparent search results. Unlike Google, Bing does not resort to stealing keyword ideas or creating sites that mimic and outrank the original creators.

Website owners who have been burnt by Google’s keyword idea theft are finding solace in Bing’s search engine, where their hard work is respected and rewarded. Bing’s growing user base is a testament to the fact that there is a demand for a search engine that operates with integrity.

The Importance of Ethical Practices

Google’s actions not only harm website owners but also erode trust in the search engine industry as a whole. It is crucial for search engines to operate ethically and provide fair opportunities for all website owners to succeed.

By resorting to tactics like keyword idea theft, Google is jeopardizing its own reputation and driving users away. It is high time for Google to reevaluate its practices and prioritize ethical behavior over short-term gains.


The issue of Google’s keyword idea theft is a serious concern for website owners who invest time, effort, and resources into creating valuable content. While Google may have once been seen as a trustworthy search engine, its unethical practices have tarnished its reputation.

As users become more aware of Google’s actions, they are turning to alternative search engines like Bing, which prioritize fairness and transparency. It is imperative for Google to address this issue and regain the trust of website owners and users alike.

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