The Show Behind The Show, Deadly Democrats Edition

The Salcedo Storm Podcast

The Salcedo Storm Podcast

The Show Behind The Show, Deadly Democrats Edition


On this Salcedo Storm Podcast: Chris and Sean talk about freshly baked bread, the spineless GOP and deadly Democrats.

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Folks, this story gets a little repetitive forgive me, but I can’t remember whether I told the Salcedo store podcast whether I told the Newsmax shows, or I told the voice of Texas shows about what happened, at least according to some of the air conditioning guys that I’ve been talking with, because of some of the work that we’re doing at the house. What happened to the state of Texas in the 1990s. 

What happened was a lot of new construction in the 90s, included heat pumps in the state of Texas, New construction to warm our homes. Now, what you don’t know about heat pumps, let me fill in some of the blanks. First off, they’re electric. They’re highly inefficient. And the reason why we found them in construction in the 1990s was because those in the power companies were able to exert enough political pressure on then the Democrats to basically incentivize builders to put in these heat pumps to to heat Texas Homes. 

Now, the reason why the electric companies wanted this is because they got sick and tired of Texans switching to clean burning, efficient natural gas and cheap natural gas in the wintertime, to heat their homes. Because during the summertime, lots of electricity was being used to air conditioned our homes. And the greedy electric companies got sick and tired of the drop off every single fall and winter. 

So in the 1990s, the Democrats facilitated this massive push for new construction to have heat pumps. And I’ve got one of them in my home. So what I’ve instructed my AC people to do is to bypass the heat pump, I don’t want to use it at all I want to use inexpensive, natural gas that’s clean, burning and highly efficient. And by the way, warms up my house exponentially faster than any heat pump will. 

Plus, here’s the problem with heat pumps, folks. They don’t work well, when the temperature starts getting below freezing. It’s matter of fact, when it hits zero in some places around this country, we do get sub zero temperatures, heat pumps don’t function at all. And so this is why I don’t want to deal with them anymore. Now, everybody might say Well, that’s a nice little history lesson. Ah, but it’s not history. Right now Beijing Biden. Beijing Biden is using the War Powers Act to facilitate the building of heat pumps to put into houses, inefficient energy gobbling heat pumps, and as stated because they’re not reliable in certain temperatures, they’ll be putting human life at risk in the 1990s. 

The Democrats here wouldn’t go so far is to not have some sort of redundancy. So the way they were set up was heat pumps in the house. And then if the heat pump fails, then all of a sudden your natural gas blower secondary heat kicks in. There is no indication that Beijing Biden is even considering secondary heat so people will die if we if we continue on this trip. Victory, Democrats will kill people the same way they did in Snowmageddon here in the state of Texas. 

Now this same push for inferior technology is happening with this push by the Democrat socialists for electric vehicles. One problem with that, again, they they aren’t reliable. Not only do they not go as far as gas driven vehicles limiting our mobility, they also cost us an arm and a leg not only in purchase, but also keeping them on the road. This is from Consumer Reports. electric vehicle owners continue to report far more problems with their vehicles than owners or conventional cars or hybrids. According to Consumer Reports newly released annual car reliability survey. 

The survey reveals that, on average, EVS from the past three model years had 79% more problems than conventional cars. Based on owner responses on more than 330,000 vehicles. The survey covers 20 potential problem areas including engine transmission, electric motors, leaks, and infotainment systems. The article from consumer report goes on. Most electric cars today are being manufactured by either legacy automakers that are new to evey technology or by companies like rivian. That a that are new to making cars, says Jake Fisher, Senior Director of auto testing at Consumer Reports. 

So naturally, Beijing Biden wants to force all of us to have to accept inferior technology, just so he can deliver for his left wing Kook fringe base, again, disadvantaging Americans and saddling us not only with expensive, more expensive car repairs, taking away our mobility, but in the case of the heat pumps, Joe Biden putting human lives at risk to give a nod to the communists in our midst. Just some food for thought, folks, as we get into the show behind the show, with our buddy, Sean Chastain next on the Salcedo storm podcast. 

Folks time for the show behind the show and our buddy Sean Chastain is on Hey man. Hey, buddy. How are you? 

I’m doing well. 

I know that you you gave this this audience. This is a while back the the recipe for what was it? It was beer bread, wasn’t it? It was a beer corn bread or beer bread? No, just beer bread. Yeah, yeah, beer bread. Now for the folks who may have missed that recipe because it’s really simple. Go ahead and tell him what you do. 

Three cups of flour, sifted flour, three teaspoons of baking powder, and a quarter cup of sugar and a 12 ounce beer of your choice. Mix it all together, throw it in an oven I think around on 350 for an hour, or for about a half a second melted butter over while it’s in the oven, before you put it in the oven, and then yeah, 350 for an hour. 

Yeah, that just it just makes your mouth water. Now the reason I bring this up is because the party super crusty, really good procedures and stuff. 

Yeah, yeah. And the reason I bring this up, Mrs. Salcedo and my mother in law have gotten into sourdough. And yeah, the starters. And there’s a whole science to it. I don’t pretend to understand it. But you know, or maybe you don’t. But you tell me if you do that families have been passing down bread starters, for generations, some of them up some some of them over 100 years, because basically, it’s a process that you build up. And then you take a little bit out, save it for the next batch, because it has the act of yeast in it. And then you feed it some more and then you make up another loaf. And so basically, you can trace back bread through the centuries because there’s a little bit of the original loaf that makes it into the, into the new batches. So they’re into that now and there and my wife’s getting damn good. So yeah, some of that’s some of the sourdough could be an acquired taste. 

I mean, it is sour, but it’s, it’s mighty yummy. I think. Now there’s, there’s, I mean, I had that original sourdough bread company in San Francisco. I mean, the does it goes back like 200 years or something like that. Yeah, yeah. True. Original sourdough. And there’s a process by which you take off waste off of each batch to make room for for something else, for building up and feeding. It’s similar. 

That’s what they call it, because it’s an active culture. So they call it feeding it. And the waste you can make tortillas out of you can make pancakes out of my, my mother in law made English muffins, homemade English muffins out of them. I know. My house has been amazing. Since Thanksgiving. 

Yeah. I’m telling you. That’s the best part of baking is just the smell of the house, man. It’s just so great. Yeah. Have you ever cooked in a Dutch oven before? 

Yeah, I mean, soups and stews, but never breads or anything like that. 

Pretty damn cool. I didn’t even know that. I mean, I’d heard the I’ve heard of a Dutch oven, but shows you how much I pay attention. 

I thought it was in a Dutch oven. I’m sure. Yeah, I thought it was, you know, an actual configuration for an oven. But it actually turns out it’s a kind of a ceramic pot. 

You know? You told me you thought it was when you pulled the covers over your spouse and then farted? 

No, that isn’t just a touch of it. I said the Dutch out there. What do they call that anyway? That’s the Dutch oven. Look it up in Urban Dictionary there. Yeah. Well, hey, speaking speaking of of things that don’t make any sense. Like that didn’t make these up. Have you been keeping track? I call it the Oh call that you what you call it a Dutch oven pulling the the covers over your wife’s head and farting seriously? Yes. 

Look it up if you don’t believe me. 

Okay. I will. I will. Well, Smith is speaking of something that is tantamount to a fart in church. Have you been Have you been keeping track of the Houston mayor’s race? 

I have not. 

Now, you know, there’s no there’s no Republican involved. It’s Democrat on Democrat down there for the runoff. Now, Sheila Jackson Lee is one of the finalists and he’s going up. She’s going up against John wittmeyer. And Sheila Jackson Lee decided she’d run some advertisements to get people to do their early voting and get out there and vote on Election Day. Now, what you need to know is election day is December 9, it’s a Saturday okay. For the runoff election in the city of Houston now, Sheila Jackson lee you can find this on on the Chris Salcedo shows Twitter presents on x, which would be at C Salcedo show. There’s a still shot of Sheila Jackson Lee’s advertisement that she’s running on the Houston airwaves. And it says vote on or before December 7. Yeah, early voting stops on December 5, which is in two days. And so she’s running an ad that says voters tremendous vote on or before December 7. Now this is the woman. This is the woman who said that she was wondering if our astronauts had seen the flag on Mars that was planted. If the rovers rather on Mars, we’re seeing the flag that we planted there when our astronauts traveled to Mars. This is the woman who says she wants to see African American African American names reflected in the names of hurricanes. Because in the interest of a quality and now some African American name, yeah, I don’t remember the one she was citing. 

I think Keisha was one of them. I mean, I do. I don’t pretend I don’t understand this woman and the vet the very same caliber of intelligence that Sheila Jackson Lee brings to the table in Congress. She is now saying to the voters in Houston, vote on or before December 7. Yeah, that is fantastic. 

And, you know, I mean, I’m sure she had nothing to do with it. And no idea that it was just some idiot advertising agency or some, you know, more than likely 20 year old staffer that gave the copy to the TV agency, but still, it’s it’s pretty damn funny. 

Well, have you heard because we played it extensively. I don’t want to play it now. But we played it extensively that leaked audio, of Sheila Jackson Lee dressing down, because you mentioned young staffers of her dressing down her. Yeah, good for nothing. staffers. I don’t know who that indicts more the staffers are her for hiring them? 

Oh, yeah. I mean, and, like, I think I said at the time that I’m sure that goes on in every office of you know, political office or even you know, just your your commonplace workplace office that has a bunch of idiots 20 year old staffers, so I’m sure you can find that same conversation going on 100 times a day around the country, you know, but but to have it rolled on and to have it be a congresswoman. Yeah, that’s, that’s special, right. 

And then so she dresses down these, these 20 Somethings, these these young people in our office saying they’re good for nothing, and I’m cleaning it up here, folks. But she dropped F bombs and all kinds of curse words, cursing these young people out. So she says that her staff that her office is staffed with a bunch of nincompoops. She hired him. So what is more egregious Sheila Jackson Lee’s decision making process hiring a bunch of boobs, or the voters in her district for hiring Sheila Jackson Lee, who is practicing hiring a bunch of boobs. 

Luckily, I don’t live in her district. And the time I spend thinking about Sheila Jackson Lee is pretty limited. 

You know, and if she weren’t happy with that, if she weren’t making decisions that hurt the country, I wouldn’t give her any thoughts either. And frankly, Sheila Jackson Lee doesn’t have very many thoughts, either. So what while we’re talking about things outside of Texas? I’m sure you heard that are that our ships are under attack this weekend? In the Red Sea? 

Yeah, well, I didn’t hear a ton about it. I didn’t see Daily Mail story about how we’re having to defend us ships. And so I don’t know if that’s commercial ships or, or military ships, but it just sent us ships. So drone attacks? Yeah, the answer is yes. It’s both the USS Kearney, which is one of our destroyers, along with its with its group under attack by these drones as well as commercial fleets. 

Just you know, I mean, I don’t know much about anything. But listening to Mark Levin, on the way home sometimes. It is just discussing what the Biden administration has done to support Hamas support Iran’s support Hezbollah, and we continue to give them money. And this is what we get. And I think I saw the other day, it was like 74 attacks on US interests in the Middle East and not one response. And nobody is in. 

Don’t you find it odd that they’re not telling us who is attacking our chips. They’re not. They’re not? And you get the sense they’re not there. They’re holding that back? Because if we know who’s attacking us, and of course the inevitable calls We’ll come, why aren’t you doing something about it? So they don’t want to do anything about it. So there’s not going to tell us who’s attacking us. 

Yeah, it’s just, man. This next election can’t get here soon enough. I’m with you. I’m going broke. We’re about to go into World War Three. There’s gas prices starting to ante up again. And, Danny, I don’t know how much more I can take. 

I’m with you, buddy. I’m with you. You know what, and the Republican Party on the national level. I mean, I, I got accolades, and I didn’t enjoy it. But I got accolades for an interview I gave on the Newsmax show to a Republican, I said, and he was one of these guys that voted to oust George Santos, who I don’t think is a great guy, you know, but he’s already said he’s, yeah, he’s not. He’s already said he’s leaving. He’s not convicted of anything. But they but three votes, they took three votes to try to get rid of this guy to diminish their razor thin margin even more. And I’m thinking to myself, Man, if you Republicans paid half as much attention, it taking out these Marxists and the socialists who are doing damage to your constituents, you guys might actually be a viable party and start winning more elections. 

Well, all we have to do is do what the Democrats do. When it comes to that kind of stuff. Bowman pulls a fire alarm and should probably be in jail for that. Meanwhile, he gets a slap on the wrist with you know, a tweet deal. And nobody says a word nobody even brings up maybe we should kick him out of Congress for that. Right yet here. We got this, this meatheads Santos that isn’t running again, the district’s probably gonna swap anyway. And we got to spend time and energy kicking him out, like you said, to give us even more of a razor thin margin. Just stop taking the high road because it doesn’t matter, because you’re not gonna get the right way. Yeah, you don’t get any accolades for that you don’t get any bonus points. That’s right. There’s nothing. That’s right. And if you look at Democrats, do you have you heard the Republican National Committee is nearly broke? Have you heard that? 

Spending all that money on flowers like Ronna McDaniel does a nuts price? Yeah. And that the donations are drying up? Because the Republican establishment hates its voters and who wants to vote to that? You can see it on the in the Texas House, you can see that the Texas House leadership, the so called Republicans, they hate their voters, the national level they hate their voters, and they’re supposed to be impartial in this primary. And of course, what do they do? They scheduled the first three debates on Never Trump networks. Oh, yeah, nothing says impartiality, like that, you know, it’s just dude. 

Now the whole the whole party is just and again, just like any other election, you know, it’d be a national state, local or, you know, the Republican National Committee. We get what we deserve to people in charge our establishments and hate Trump and hate us, and that’s what we deserve because we keep electing them. So it’s true. It’s true. I guess. It’s not bad enough so they can change it. Yeah. And these guys want to continue to be elected and they just they want to continue the illusion that they’re out there and they’re opposing Democrats. And they all talk flowery and pretty, but when it comes to taking action, Sean just just consider this. The number one accomplishment for the Republican controlled House in 2023 is throwing one of their own out that’s their only accomplishment. 

Yeah, can can you Yeah, yeah. No. No patients man can you run on that? I mean, seriously, thanks Sure. Yeah, go right. Yeah, look what we did we we took the high road. Yeah, and we have nothing to show for you. We got rid of a scumbag it was not gonna run again anyway. And yeah, but we couldn’t get we couldn’t get rid of a scumbag by the name of Allah 100 on my work, so we couldn’t get rid of the scumbag but the name of Joe Biden, but we sure as hell could go after some obscure crazy Republican. Yep. Thank goodness. We got rid of that guy. You know, hey, and then we got you know, we got rid of McCarthy and Oh, yeah. And then passed it another car. So yeah, okay. Yeah. Terrific. 

Jesus, man. It’s just it’s so frustrating. It’s and again, not bad enough. So it’s not going to change and we get what we deserve. Well, it’s not all gloom and doom. There are some conservatives who believe in actually delivering for their voters. I interviewed on Friday, Attorney General Ken Paxton. He is suing Pfizer for misrepresenting the China virus vaccine efficacy. And I know you are very opinionated about what they did to us, both in the public and private sectors, what they did to us. And they’re also they’re also suing is the state of Texas. Pfizer for conspiring to censor public discourse on the efficacy of these China virus vaccines. What do you think? Right? 

Well, yeah, yeah, I mean, I’m glad I don’t know. You know, I mean, Ken Paxton, has sued the federal government like 38 times. So you know, I don’t know that a whole lot has changed. And then, you know, you get frickin federal judges that let the Border Patrol snip reason why are again, yeah. So So what does it matter is my basic point, you know, I’m glad Ken Paxton is doing that. And it’s certainly worth highlighting. But, you know, does it matter when you see the federal government? 

Well, let’s let’s just just just look at this, because what he’s alleging is that Pfizer misrepresented the data and the the information he gave me and their preliminary findings was that they said it was 95% effective. And it turns out the data that the Attorney General’s Office claims that they have found shows no, it was never that high. It was more like 1%. Like, holy moly, really. And so if people can start proving harm, and by the way, they via if it if they are guilty of this, and I have to stress it, Pfizer is guilty of this. They broke Texas law on you know, that the federal government indemnified federal prosecution of Big Pharma, but they didn’t indemnify from the can’t from state prosecution. And that’s what this is all about. Plus, look, you and I both know, people that that you’ve known longer than me, who were lifelong devotees to certain companies out there that lost their jobs for not taking this job, that that lost their gigs. I mean, we’re talking three decades of service to one company, and they were out on their asses for for not taking this job. And now, the Attorney General’s Office of Texas says, We have indications that they weren’t honest about the efficacy. 

Yeah. Oh, well, I mean, I think that was pretty evident right off the bat. But you know, what the evidence that’s yeah, that’s doesn’t shock me at all. The the only problem suing Pfizer’s Yeah, how much money does that cost? And how much time does it take? And what do we get out of it? At the end? Settlement? I mean, I would assume there would be a settlement, I’m sure. But, you know, Pfizer has pretty much unlimited money. Yeah. Ours, it’s ours. 

Yeah, of course. And, you know, so do we want to spend billions of dollars and in Texas funds to go after? You know, getting some of that back? I don’t know. Yeah. Well, but I mean, I mean, it’s, it’s worthy. There’s no doubt, right? Because, because companies can’t be allowed to lie. Yeah, you can’t, you can’t let him get away with it. If they are guilty, right, if they’re doing how much? How much effort is, is worth putting into it? Yeah, well, you know, thinking, talking about the shots and stuff. There’s going to be a day when we really need shots, and even common medicines. Now. I saw some study the other day that people are just leery of getting, you know, proven 100 year old shots, just because of the mess of Pfizer causing the pandemic and Johnson Johnson and the federal government and everybody else that now we just don’t trust the medical system. And it’s a little scary, you know, cuz it’s not our fault, dude. It wasn’t us. It wasn’t it wasn’t. It wasn’t.

But it’s still scary that there are people that need actual proven medicines aren’t getting them or are taking them because they’re distrustful of Big Pharma. And not only that, yeah, they, they screwed the whole system. They screwed a whole bunch of good people and killed a whole bunch of good people. You know, I mean, how many athletes have we seen go down with heart failure in the prime of their careers that shouldn’t, you know, nothing should have happened to him? 

Well, there is preliminary data, there is preliminary data and some medical experts are out there going on record, saying that there is there is a tie and to To to what’s going on with some of these vaccines. But I but I think if it’s it’s one thing to come out with a product that you find out, hey, maybe it wasn’t performing as we thought, right? That’s one thing. But if if you already had the data that it wasn’t going to perform, and you knew it wasn’t going to perform, that’s something altogether different. 

That’s and then then if you weren’t when people started asking questions, then you started working to suppress the people asking questions, and medical professionals, again, leading to what you’re talking about China’s which is, which is putting this, this blanket of distrust over the medical community, which is exactly what they did, just for trying to ask questions about about people trying to ask questions about their own damn health. And this is, this is, this is where this all leads and why it can’t it can’t stand, in my opinion. What they did, yeah, oh, you’re right. And again, my my concern, you know, as one who lives paycheck to paycheck, and is paying way too much in property tax and school tax and all that crap. And then, you know, to hear that the state is now going to spend money air conditioning prisons. And I don’t know, it’s just how much Texas money do we want to spend? 

I understand dude. And, you know, it’s, it’s, by the way, he’s also suing to stop the Biden regime from cutting down the border barriers again, and there was a an appellate judge that basically said, an appellate court that said that we got to remove the water barriers, and Abbott says he’s taking it all the way to the Supreme Court, if he has to, but again, when when the guys do stand up and use their power to defend us rather than what you know, like guys, like they’d feel and do they use their power to stab us in the back. I think it’s you gotta give him props when they do that, you know? 

Well, guys, like they feeling we get what we deserve. Well, there’s that. Well, and the last thing I wanted to run by you, and this is something that I know you’re aware of, and I know you don’t support it. But the way this was packaged was I found to be very interesting, because it’s very, it’s not at all what it’s being packaged to be. Texas gets one step closer to leaving the US rights Newsweek. Now, that’s not what it says. That’s not what is is happening here. 

This is the super epic convention that was down in Houston a month or so ago. Know that well, is it is tangentially tied to that. But here’s, like 100 people there. So let’s just tap the brakes a little bit. 

Well, what I want, what I want to let you know is, is that there is a there is a campaign now, that will put this referendum on the primary ballot. So the Texas nationalists, they have for years push for a referendum on Texas secession, despite the fact that says Newsweek, there’s no provision to secede in the US Constitution. However, there is a provision, if you look back far enough at the Texas Constitution, the states, but that was true, but it was trumped by civil war law. Yeah, we talked about this right after that convention. And they were 1000s upon 1000s of signatures short, and I think they had till it may have been December 1 to get the filing done. Well, so June of this year, the organization had that petition campaign, the Texas election code 172 dot 008. 

I believe the section of the election code allows voters by petition to place a question on a party’s primary ballot, in short, by collecting 97,709 signatures and submitting them by the filing deadline on December 11 2023. Yeah, they could actually pass bypass the SRA C’s ballot proposition process and compel the party to put that question on the ballot. Right. So and I’m of two minds of this. It if, if it is such an outlandish idea, put it on the damn ballot and let and let the Republican voters decide, right? How how they feel about this. If it’s such an outlandish question, I have a feeling just knowing the people of Texas the way I do that, if the question is put to them, they’re going to reject it. 

You know, there’ll be a majority who says they want to stay they want to remain Americans. I think what the the powers that be are trying to avoid is a good showing for those who say, hey, America is not America under Democrats anymore, and the only thing to do is leave. What do you say? Well, one This convention that they had in Houston again, I think the grand total was, like 100 people that showed up to this, they’re 1000s of signatures short. So it’s all kind of a moot point. Anyway, secondly, all the any secession talk has been ruled on multiple times by the Supreme Court can’t do it can’t be done legally. And I mean, I guess you could start another, you know, Civil War for one or two and, and secede, but all that law has been been gone through. And, you know, Texas can’t leave. I don’t care what the Constitution says. 

And, thirdly, if it ever did happen with secession ever did happen. If I’m Mexico, I’m invading that day, because we ain’t got no army, we ain’t got no money. You know, I mean, it’s just actually the man actually, that’s, that’s, that’s, that’s where you’re wrong. silliest idea I’ve ever heard. 

And that’s where you’re wrong. Texas has, if Texas were to secede tomorrow, the military equipment and the assets that are on the ground here today would make them one of the largest military standing militaries in the world. That’s number one. Number two, the state of Texas pulled its gold reserves back from New York for four years ago. So we are the only state in the union with its own gold repository, Texas. So in theory, it would be formidable A would be in Mexico would have its hands full. Now, Texas would too because you’d have the United States on all sides and Mexico in the south, coming in to try to take over this territory. 

Why? I don’t know. Whatever it may be the dumbest idea ever were the United States of America. Stop the nonsense. vote the right way, and they won’t be a concern. Texas won’t have to secede. 

Right. Well. Yeah. Another thing you know, you said it’s, it’s not it. There’s not any way to do this legally. And of course, when and this this is this is the kind of talk of secession and stuff that erupts when your own federal government breaks its own laws. Because there’s no way legally that Joe Biden could be ushering in 8.6 million illegal aliens, millions of them are unvetted, there’s no legal, that’s not legal what they’re doing. None of this is legal. So the idea that a federal government is going to clamp down on a state that’s violating the law when that federal government is violating the law itself on multiple fronts, I would say is, that’s what’s so problematic about having socialists having Marxists in charge. Because they undermine everything, you know, they undermine the very rule of law. That is such a stabilizing force or was a stabilizing force in this country. Yes. 

Yep. It’s frustrating. But, you know, I mean, must be bad enough, because we have what we have is we have what do we have any any plans for some beer bread in the near future? 

For some beer bread? Oh, you know, get some beer in the fridge. I could probably whip up some real quick. Thank you. Things have cooled off, man. Get that famous Shawn Chasteen chili recipe and go to town. 

Got the ingredients. So let’s let’s have to do that. Yeah, buddy. 

All right. Hey, thanks very much. The show behind the show has wrapped this time around. Shawn, talk to you next week. All right, peace that puts a wrap on this Salcedo storm podcast visit for me if you will, two websites, my friends, Texas all the latest in Texas politics and news and otherwise. And also Chris That’s where you go to find the Chris Salcedo shows on talk radio on TV and all of our social media hookups including x and the big presents the Grand Poobah on truth, social Chile visit again my friends remember this a society’s worth isn’t measured by how much power is stolen by government. It is measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. In short, we the people stay safe out there my friends. Transcribed by

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