WWE Introduces Multiple Exciting New Ring Names

WWE NXT is truly the battleground for the new generation of stars and they continue to debut more and more talent. WWE has submitted new trademark applications for three wrestler names, though the identities of the individuals behind these names remain undisclosed.

These applications were filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on May 2, 2024, for the following names: Shiloh Hill, Layla Diggs, and Jasper Troy.

The description accompanying the applications for these trademarks includes a range of entertainment services such as wrestling exhibitions and performances by professional wrestlers. These performances can be broadcast through various media channels, including television, radio, the Internet, or other online services.

On top of that, the trademarks cover the provision of wrestling-related news and information through global computer networks, sports entertainment portals, and fan clubs. That’s not all as they also encompass social entertainment events for wrestling fan club members, along with online newsletters and blogs dedicated to sports entertainment.

“Entertainment services, namely, wrestling exhibitions and performances by a professional wrestler and entertainer rendered and through broadcast media including television and radio, and via the internet or commercial online service; providing wrestling news and information via a global computer network; providing information in the fields of sports and entertainment via an online community portal; providing a website in the field of sports entertainment information; fan club services, namely, organizing sporting events in the field of wrestling for wrestling fan club members; organizing social entertainment events for entertainment purposes for wrestling fan club members; providing online newsletters in the fields of sports entertainment; online journals, namely blogs, in the field of sports entertainment”

We are not sure about the individuals behind the names Shiloh Hill, Layla Diggs, and Jasper Troy, but it is likely WWE will quickly introduce them and fans will be acquainted with them soon enough.

Do you feel the latest crop of NXT talent will prove to be the best one yet? Let us know in the comments section below!


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