Becky Lynch Slams Rhea Ripley’s Viral WWE Event Antics

In a recent interview with, WWE superstar Becky Lynch expressed her disapproval of a controversial moment involving her WrestleMania 40 rival, WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley, at a live event. The incident, which quickly captured the internet’s attention, featured Ripley executing a “stinkface” maneuver on Nia Jax, a move originally popularized by the legendary Rikishi.

While the act garnered widespread viral fame, Lynch has openly criticized its implications, especially in the context of women’s wrestling’s ongoing battle for respect and equality. Lynch, a seasoned veteran and advocate for the evolution of women’s roles within the WWE, voiced her frustration over the focus on such antics, stating, “That just sucks that we’re talking about that.” She reflected on the challenges faced by female wrestlers in the past, who were often relegated to performing in brief, superficial matches that emphasized looks over athleticism and skill.

Lynch’s disappointment stems from her perception that the spotlight on Ripley’s recent stunt detracts from the progress made towards recognizing the athletic and strategic aspects of women’s wrestling.

Lynch Challenges Stereotypes

Despite recognizing the viral appeal of the moment among fans, Becky Lynch voiced her concerns that it reinforces a problematic emphasis on physical appearance and perpetuates outdated stereotypes, rather than celebrating the athletic prowess and rich storytelling that are the hallmarks of professional wrestling.

“It’s just about my body. It’s about how it looks,” Lynch expressed with disappointment, highlighting a deeper issue within the sport. As the conversation around this incident unfolds, Lynch’s comments offer a critical perspective on the balance between entertainment and the integrity of women’s wrestling.

Her critique highlights the ongoing struggle within the industry to evolve beyond its historical constraints and to honor the talent and hard work of its female athletes. As WrestleMania 40 approaches, this debate underscores the complex dynamics at play in the world of professional wrestling, where the line between performance art and athleticism continues to blur.


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